Why Prenupta?

At Prenupta, we strive to make the lives of our customers easier so that they can spend more time on the things that matter. When it comes to getting a prenuptial agreement online, the choice is simple.

Designed to be Better

The difference is in our value system.


We are experts in our field, prenuptial agreements are our speciality.

Even experienced local attorneys may have to brush up on the details of prenups in California, which can get expensive if you are paying by the hour. Prenupta offers a simple and reliable online solution without the risks that “free” online boilerplate forms can bring.


Reliable prenuptial agreements at a price you can plan for.

Choose from one of our popular packages at a flat rate or get in touch with customer support to customize a solution. You will always know the cost of your prenup upfront and will never be hit with hidden or hourly fees.

Extensive Support

Our support team is with you and your fiancée every step of the way.

We guide you through the entire process of creating your prenup, from determining which package is right for you to facilitating communication with your attorney. Additionally, we have compiled extensive educational resources in our Learning Center.


Online tools that are easy and intuitive. A team that is responsive and efficient.

Couples love us for our fast response time, if you are in a rush, we can draft a prenuptial agreement for you in 24 hours. We also get that the legal details around prenups can be confusing for non-lawyers, so we make sure our support team is always available to answer questions.

Prenupta aims to protect your relationship by offering a friendly and personalized approach to online prenuptial agreements.
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Meeting the Needs of Modern Couples

Prenuptial Agreements are on the rise nationally, and Prenupta was created to help meet the needs of modern couples, who understand the importance of a fair agreement before marriage.

When all of your future assets could be placed at risk, the right prenup can help make for a happy future marriage.

Before Prenupta, getting a prenuptial agreement was oftentimes a frustrating and either risky or highly expensive endeavor. Options were limited to either, working with a local attorney who’s practice was not focused on prenuptial agreements and charged exorbitant hourly fees OR inexpensive boilerplate agreements which could be downloaded online but turned out to not hold up in court.

Prenupta was designed to be a better way.

At Prenupta, our attorneys and customer service reps are highly specialized in the area of prenuptial agreements – allowing us to provide unmatched counsel and support as you and your future spouse navigate this process. Our process is straightforward and simple – Prenupta helps you choose what package best suits your needs, then guides you through to signing your agreement by using our online portal and tools.

Our major differentiator is that you will never be hit with hidden costs. Our prenuptial agreements are a flat fee, so there will be no surprises.

The Choice Should be Simple

Count on Prenupta for expertise, efficiency, affordability and support.

Prenuptial Agreements starting at:


  • Guaranteed draft of your prenuptial agreement within 3 Business days
  • Free 30 minute consultation with an attorney to discuss your options
  • Low price guarantee: we will beat any advertised offer online
  • Experienced legal counsel to meet your specific customized needs

Local Law Firms


  • NO 3-day guarantee
  • NO Free Consultation
  • NO Low Price Guarantee
  • Additional Charges for notarization services advice, attorney signatures, time, phone calls and in office meetings



  • NO 3-day guarantee
  • NO Personalized Attorney Matching
  • NO Low Price Guarantee
  • Additional Charges for advice for notarization services and attorney signatures.

We help couples

have difficult conversations.

“I was nervous to approach my husband about getting a prenup, I'm so glad we found Prenupta. When I called they offered to give me support and advice on how to talk to my fiancée, and really helped me have that conversation.

“After we made the purchase, the whole process was over in a week. The lawyers were friendly, and fast, and the agreement is very detailed. I'm really happy with our decision, and I just wanted to say thank you!”

— Regina, Los Angeles

at the last minute.

“I was getting married and needed a prenuptial agreement at the last minute. I called Prenupta and they connected me with an attorney right away who took us through their process on the phone. As soon as I made the purchase we were sent a survey and started answering all of our questions. We sent in our survey and had our draft sent back to us within 3 days.

The process was extremely fast and simple, I was very happy with the result and I know this is a great team of people who really care. Thank you Prenupta!”

— Richard, San Francisco

simplify the process.

“We searched around the internet for a fast prenuptial service that we could trust. Prenupta was extremely responsive and answered all of our questions right away. We talked to real people, and never waited or had to wonder what to do next. I have a child from a previous marriage, so our prenup was not exactly simple. The attorney we were connected with was professional and very knowledgable, he answered all of our questions and wrote a prenup we were both very happy with.”

— Tyler S., San Diego

Knowledgable Counsel

Prenupta and your attorney are here to guide you through the entire process of creating a customized prenuptial agreement.

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