Prenuptial Agreement Attorney Review

A lifetime of security for your marriage: Have your prenuptial agreement reviewed by independent counsel for you personally. 
  • Note: With this package, your spouse will need to sign a waiver of independent counsel, and you will be unable to waive spousal support. This is a great option for couples who have a highly limited budget, and have already drafted their agreement. For greater legal protection, please see our BasicPremier and Premium Packages.

A valid prenuptial agreement enables you and your future spouse to decide how your affairs and assets will be settled and divided in the event of a separation or divorce. Your lawyer will work with you to draft a custom prenuptial agreement for your unique situation. 

  • Note: Your attorney may determine that your pre-drafted agreement is inadequate, in which case, you may be asked to upgrade your purchase to the Basic Package. We highly recommend that an attorney draft your agreement in order to ensure compliance with California law.
  • FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION. A 30-minute phone call to meet your attorney and talk about how you'll work together.
  • NO TIME LIMITS. You may contact your attorney as many times as you need to complete your agreement to your satisfaction.
  • PRIVACY. The information you share and everything you discuss while working together is protected by attorney-client privilege.
  • SPEED. Your draft will be completed within three business days.

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