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Deluxe Prenuptial Agreement

Attorney Drafted Prenuptial Agreement for You & Spouse

A lifetime of security for your marriage: Have your prenuptial agreement drafted and reviewed by independent counsel for you and your spouse.

A valid prenuptial agreement enables you and your future spouse to decide how your affairs and assets will be settled and divided in the event of a separation or divorce. Your lawyer will work with you to draft a custom prenuptial agreement for your unique situation.

Free Initial Consultation

A 30-minute phone call to meet your attorney and talk about how you’ll work together.

No Time Limits

You may contact your attorney as many times as you need to complete your agreement to your satisfaction.

Attorney Representation

Prenupta will connect you and your spouse with independent counsel who will draft your agreement and ensure it is legally binding in California.

Extensive Survey

Questions to help determine what information should be included in your prenuptial agreement, and will draft a custom agreement for your specific situation.


The information you share and everything you discuss while working together is protected by attorney-client privilege.


Your draft will be completed within three business days.

Spousal Support Clause

In California, you must have both parties represented by counsel in order to limit or waive spousal support. This option is included in your package.

Customer Reviews

5 out of 5 stars

This was the right choice for us, I am very grateful

My now husband and I knew exactly what we wanted in our agreement and did a good amount of searching for some attorneys that could help us. I’m so glad we found prenupta, the entire process took two weeks and they helped customize it for a trust that my parents are leaving me. I am very glad that we found them.

Kate S. May 2019

Great experience

We needed an agreement with two attorneys to represent us and Prenupta helped us get this done well in time for our wedding. I really appreciate this service and want to say thanks.

Arthur May 2019

Perfect for us

Prenupta helped me and my fiancee build a prenuptial agreement that had all of the terms we needed. The attorneys were helpful and friendly, and they got back to us right away after we decided to move forward. I’m really happy I found them, and I would recommend them strongly.

Samuel March 2018

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