RUSH Order: Review Only, Independent Review and Spousal Support Waiver

Rush Order: Review Only, Independent Review and Spousal Support Waiver. Have your agreement reviewed and signed by an experienced attorney. A valid Prenuptial Agreement enables you and your spouse to decide how your affairs and assets will be settled and divided in the event of a separation or divorce.

How it works
  1. Pay online.
    • Introduction call (Free). A 30-minute phone call to meet your attorney and talk about how you'll work together.
    • Your attorney will have you answer questions to help determine what terms should be included in your agreement, and will draft a custom agreement for your specific situation.
    • Privacy. The information you share and everything you discuss while working together is protected by attorney-client privilege.
    • RUSH Service: ASAP Review of your agreement with independent counsel.  
What's not included
  • Notary fees.
  • Fact-checking your information. For example, your attorney will not know if you spelled your address incorrectly, but they will know if you put your address in the wrong place.
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